The Origins of SomethingNew

SomethingNew was established in 2020 during the pandemic under the Singapore Planned Families Association (est 1949). SomethingNew endeavours to pioneer online text counselling services to increase the utilization of EAPs & seeking-help behaviours.

Akin to a food delivery service app, but instead of food, we deliver immediate and anonymous text counselling to individuals. Providing assurance, empathy and insights concurrently.

Keith Lee and Jeremy Ho

Co-Founders of SomethingNew, Social Service Professionals

Bridging workplace and institutional wellbeing gaps

The vision for SomethingNew is to mitigate the weaknesses of EAP. Namely, poor utilization, poor analyses which leads to non-tailored initiatives, and non-passionate vendor-client communication.

Who we are

A group of counsellors and trained staff who believe in the best of technology and the human touch changing lives one person at a time.

What we do

Providing online concurrent text counselling round the clock to those in need.

Why we do

To be the solution that instils empathy and provide a digital safety net for those in need. As well as, improve organizational wellbeing through credible analyses and higher intervention utilization rates.

SomethingNew in action

Straits Time Feature

On the 29th May 2022, The Straits Time featured SN App as an app that helps mental health. SN advocates the need to integrate tech into the mental wellbeing scene that will complement therapeutic processes. We strive to enhance workplace wellbeing by providing holistic interventions.

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National Youth Council Feature

Jeremy Ho, Co-Founder of SN App, saw the need for accessible platforms which provide help and accessible resources to mental health. Together with colleague Keith Lee, they came up with an idea to develop a mobile based application called Something New, a 24/7 text counselling platform that is accessible 24/7, anonymous, and professional. #strongerthanever

People’s Association Appreciation - Bukit Batok

SomethingNew helped regulate the mental wellbeing of a certain group of beneficiaries from Bukit Batok Community Club’s Baking Programme catered to people with disabilities. SomethingNew found it a blessing to help offer text counselling services to the beneficiaries and their family members of the programme and will continue to provide community mental health support when needed.

Mental Health App Resource Pooling with Dr. Jamus Lim

SomethingNew collaborated with It All Starts Hear Singapore to offer text counselling to the residents of Sengkang under MP Jamus Lim. We are pleased to offer the services to mitigate and prevent mental wellbeing complications within the residential area of Sengkang. We strive to play our part to ensure the nation of Singapore gets the most appropriate and professional mental wellbeing services.

Meet our team

In collaboration with Doctors, Marketplace Psychologists, Business Owners, Lawyers, and Psychologists, SomethingNew will work towards building the most effective mental wellbeing support solution starting with the APAC region.

Dr Christoper Fong

Workplace Pyschology Advisory

Dr Sundardas

Mental Health Expert Advisor

Ms Angelina Hing

Legislations & Operations

Jeremy Ho

Chief Executive Officer

Keith Lee

Chief Operating Officer

Nigel Seng

Business & Finance Lead

Heather Ong

Design & Media Head

Khyrana Pambudi

Text Counselling Mentorship

Timothy Aananth

Operations & Onboarding

Our Story

Empathizing the impact mental health struggles have on people’s life/functionality. We created SomethingNew to ensure people get the most credible and tailored support.

We strive to take corporate and institutional mental wellbeing to an elevated level and continue to provide community mental wellbeing support.

We deviate from the norm and mitigate ineffective mental wellbeing initiatives.