100% Confidential

Practitioners would not know who you are and vice-versa.

Expert Counsellor

Practitioners abide by SAC Ethics and have accreditations of Counselling, Psychology, and Social Work.

Solution-Focused Approach

Fullest attention, respect, and immediacy during text chat in times of struggle. Solution and Insight facilitation.

How SomethingNew app Works

01. Register

Simply sign up for an anonymous account, wait for a few seconds before a counsellor or practitioner takes up your chat request.

02. Chat

Receive texts of assurance, empathy, and insight during your conversations of up to 25-35 minutes daily.

03. Feel recharged after therapy

Reflect x Pace your emotions to work toward your goals which were facilitated during each chat.


Users Islandwide


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About SomethingNew

Who we are

A group of counsellors and trained staff who believe in the best of technology and the human touch changing lives one person at a time.

About us

What we do

Providing online concurrent text counselling round the clock to those in need.

Why we do it

To be the solution that instils empathy and provide a digital safety net for those in need. As well as, improve organizational wellbeing through credible analyses and higher intervention utilization rates.

Hundreds of 5-star reviews

This app is honestly a really good place to get good advice from and maybe calm down from something bad that might be happening in your life and I recommend y’all try it, I hear a lot of people.

Eden Skymourn

If you are in a troubled or dark time in your life, definitely recommend to use this app to seek help. I can’t say anything negative about my experience with this app. Keeps you completely anonymous and you can feel safe with conversing with the respective counselors. Again just a great app especially in this day and age.


This app really helped me through a rough patch in my life, when I really had no one to rely on. The fact that the conversations are anonymous really helped as it made me more comfortable to talk to a stranger about my problems. The councillors are very accepting and willing to talk at any time. Overall, a very good and well thought out app!


Positive mental health is overlooked and this app is a good solution to get rid of this problem. With anonymous mode you can share all your problems without hesitation with well trained counselors without feeling awkward. I feel this is an innovative and helpful idea especially to the younger generation.

panda man

Have been considering counselling for a long time, but the first step to try has always felt abit too big for me. The anonymity and convenience of the platform helps to alleviate that a lot. Sessions have been helpful so far. Counsellors are very intententional/sharp in their qns but in a kind way. :)


Mental health in Singapore is something we were thought to be “hush-hush” about growing up, and I am so glad you guys are doing something to help people speak up about their mental health struggles and providing useful insights and ways to counter negative thoughts.


This app has a lot of useful features to help people out through some of the tough times they may be facing and give them a safe platform to express whatever problems they may be facing.


Very helpful especially when physical counselling could still be a taboo! Great initiative to reach wider for those in need! Thank you (,:


Easy to use, had a good talk with a counsellor and managed to get some things off my chest. Would recommend.


Positive Mental health is key in ensuring young people are able to live a happy life. This app really is really helpful in letting youths voice their struggles and difficulties as it is anonymous.


Ready to get started?

On SomethingNew, we help both companies and schools reach enhanced positive mental wellbeing stature. Partner with SomethingNew for your Employee Assistance Programme. Studies have shown that workplace counselling, mental wellness coaching and mental health first aid has been shown to improve employee morale and job satisfaction. The goal of EAP is to address issues that employees are facing before they negatively affect work performance.

Schools can also work with SomethingNew as a complement to the therapeutic alliance.